Dust is a short film that takes place in a timeless world that has the controversial technology to “bring someone back to life” as a synthetic human. Sydney, is one of those synthetics is a journalist who stops at a motel to report on a crude upgrade, hoping it will help her regain her humanity. Dust is set to release May 2018.


Dust is a senior thesis in the Electronic Arts program at Missouri State University. There are five seniors that make up the core group for this film. These seniors will spend a whole year bringing this film to life! They can’t do it alone. They’ve assembled a talented crew from around Springfield Mo to help with pre-production, production, post-production, and marketing. 

Casey Stone Producer of Dust Logan Triplett Director of Dust

Casey Stone


Logan Triplett


Harrison Palmer Director of Photography of Dust

Selah Snowden Production Designer of Dust

Tristan Kadlec Production Sound Mixer of Dust

Harrison Palmer

(Director of Photography)

Selah Snowden

(Production Designer)

Tristan Kadlec

(Production Sound Mixer)

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